Many years ago while lost in the deep dark recesses of a South East Asian erectile dysfuntion practitioner I discovered the secret art of Buddha massage. Almost never mentioned except in ancient texts, this art, once thought extinct, is believed to have originated in China, where having a large belly was always a good indicator of a high wealth individual. High wealth was not necessarily enough to get a hard-on to attract the right kind of woman. So the practitioner would annoint his huge belly with rancid pork fat. Then they would body slide over young nublie girls they liked, with a view to impregnating them by massaging their welcoming yonis with a now amazingly erect Buddha stick as a result of this secret technique. One of the amazing side effects of Buddah massage you'll agree.

Rancid pork fat is now no lomger considered to be an aphrodisiac, although I'm more than happy to stick to traditional Chinese methods for my more discerning Asian clients. I have found duck fat from the local Chinese to be an excellent substitute, and of course it's recycling! Nowadays the thereputic benefits can be enjoyed by persons with huge guts without the need for impregnation. I have spent years since developing the exact sized beer gut required to excite the most frigid of women into a state of craven lust when sliding my fat greased fat over them and into them.

If you are having trouble getting to orgasm and even if you're just a greedy girl, and would like to try this amazing technique message me for your first body slide, and yoni expanding session. For vegitarians who dont like the idea of tasting duck fat,  I will substitute coconut oil.

If you are  nubile, or not forget tantric! If you would like to be transported into exstacy by my Buddha gut, or if you would like to learn the art from a master look no further.

Msg now before the rush.

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